Girls Gone Wise


Thistle Lane Guesthouse offers a retreat weekend package for young women called Girls Gone Wise. We have teamed up with our local church to offer a Christian Ministry directed at young women from the ages of fourteen all the way to college age. The possibility of doing a mother daughter retreat would be a welcomed idea, for there are many biblical truths we address that are for women of all ages.


The book called Girls Gone Wise in a World Gone Wild, is written by Mary Kassian an award winning author and well know speaker. It has twenty main contrasts between wild and wise that we touch on throughout the weekend. We have divided those chapters into four main teaching sessions, due to the time involved, this retreat weekend is a condensed version of the book.


According to scripture there is a measure of “Girl Gone Wild” in all of us, this retreat is designed to help young women discern between wild and wise decisions, learning about God’s design for womanhood.
Our young women have a tremendous amount of pressure to conform to the world’s patterns and standards. We would like to empower young women to choose God’s biblical truths as their moral foundation for spiritual success in their lives.It seems there are so many of us living with brokenness, dysfunction, and pain and without clear direction of what the bible tells us when it comes to being a women of God.
This retreat will be offered as a private booking at the Bed and Breakfast for any group of young women, it is taught by qualified leaders, who are actively involved in our local churches. We are very clear in presenting the plan of salvation, the girls are asked to bring along a bible, if they do not have one they will be given a bible as a gift.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3 5-6


Weekend Agenda
Friday night, arrival between 5pm -6 pm
6 pm dinner
Girls Gone Wise is based on Proverbs 7
7 pm Session 1- Heart- What Holds First Place in Her Affections
– Counsel- Where She Gets Her Instruction
– Approach- Who Directs Her Love Story
– Attitude- Her Prevailing Disposition
– Habits- Her Priorities and Her Routines
9:30pm – Bonfire (weather permitting)
Saturday 8:15- 9:15am-Breakfast
9:30am-Session 2-Focus- What Commands Her Attention
-Appearance- How She Adorns Herself
-Body Language-Her NonVerbal Behaviour
-Roles- Her Pattern of Interaction
-Sexual Conduct-Her Sexual Behaviour
Noon – lunch 12-1pm

Afternoon activities- Crafting Session 1pm-3pm
– Horse Care- with supervised rides- 3pm-5pm
Saturday DInner-5:30-6:30
7:00pm-Session 3 -Boundaries- Her Hedges and Precautions
-Authenticity-Her Public Versus Private Persona
-Neediness-Whom She Depends on to Fulfill Her Longings
-Possessions-How She Handles Her Money and Resources
-Entitlement-Her Insistence on Gratification
9:30pm movies/free time
Sunday morning Breakfast 8:30-9-30am
10am Session 4 -Reliability- Her Faithfulness to Commitments
– Speech-Her Speech Habits
-Influence-Her Impact on Others and Their Impact on Her
-Sustainability-Her Ability to Nurture and Sustain a Relationship
-Teachability-Her Willingness to be Corrected and Instructed

The teaching sessions are hands on with a variety of video segments, sharing, question/answer and referencing the Bible.
What’s included in the retreat package?
– Girls Gone Wise Book
– Notebook
– All the meals are made right here at the Bed & Breakfast
– Towels and bedding
– Crafting supplies

Please call for pricing, and any other questions you may have! We require a minimum of 5 women and a maximum of 9 women, including chaperone/ youth leaders. We hope to see you this fall/winter!


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