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Thistle Lane Guesthouse Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place to host your pre-wedding activities. It’s where rustic meets modern simplicity; creating an atmosphere that compliments each wedding style. The charm of the guesthouse and its surroundings lend itself to an abundance of photo opportunities. The rustic fence, tall popular trees and gorgeous winding driveway all add to the beauty and tranquility to your dream day.bride-4

Excitement could be felt in the air with the arrival of our first bride of the season! There is much to say about love, but nothing compares to the anticipation of a bride awaiting the arrival of her big day. The evening before the wedding, the bride is surrounded by her closest friends. They enjoy the guesthouse and prepare the final details by hanging up the bridal gown, the bridesmaid dresses and admiring the small elements of elegance of jewelry and shoes. The much awaited date has finally arrived! Amongst the chatter and laughter, the joy the bride feels is absolutely contagious, and leaves no doubt that the weekend will be festive and amazing!


The morning of the wedding is met with a four course breakfast, which is prepared and served, according to the bride’s schedule; after all it is her day! During this time or shortly after the hairdresser and make-up artist arrive, which creates another element of excitement to the day’s activities. As they work diligently to achieve beauty for this very special event, there is often extras going on. The flowers get dropped off, the mothers or other family members gather, the photographer is busy scouting places for photography, all the while taking candid shots of the bride. The mother and daughter have their time with the final bridal gown fitting; our country guesthouse is buzzing with excitement and activity!


Depending on the bride, often times the groom and the groomsmen show up, looking ever so handsome, trying to be unaffected by the excitement, awaiting their turn with the photographer. When the men arrive, the atmosphere changes, it’s show time. Before the bride and groom can meet, there is much planning for the first look. This very special moment captivates us all. It is a glimpse into the couple’s heart and it’s the moment that makes all of the planning and stress of a wedding worth every single effort.


Just as quickly as the bride arrives, they are whisked away to the wedding venue where all their friends and family await. The festivities to celebrate two people who fell in love continues way into the night!


Thank you to all of our couples for trusting Thistle Lane as your pre-wedding home. We absolutely love being a part of your special day and cannot wait for all of the weddings this season!

Thistle Lane Photo May

Our Tips for a Successful Wedding Day-

  • Enjoy a full night’s sleep
  • Eat a healthy breakfast that will fuel you for the day
  • Allow enough time to get ready, always takes longer than you think!
  • Make a checklist ahead of time
  • Wear comfortable shoes or remember to bring an extra pair
  • Put your phone away and enjoy the moment
  • Remember your parents
  • Appreciate being surrounded by people who love you
  • Focus on your spouse throughout the day


*All photos by David Bryan Photography. Special thanks to David and to our beautiful bride for letting us share these memories!


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